New Exhibition EINFACH SCHÖN

Robert Niederl presents his new work as part of the Vienna Art Week, again with make-up artist Sophie Chudzikowski. 
Pictures in which he captures undisguised beauty in a magical moment.
The exhibition invites the observer to explore a reduced view of the human nature and seeks the direct contact in a timeless moment.
Sensual & intense, reduced & expressive.

Galerie: Baxter Home, Salzgries 11-13, 1010 Vienna, 
17. November  2015 - 09. Jänner 2016


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Exhibition SCHÖN

Robert Niederl presents his exhibition Schön within the Edition Photo (B&O Design Lounge), a first-time collaboration with make-up artist Sophie Chudzikowski.

Captures of a moment that captivate you.

Galerie: Edition Photo, Gonzagagasse 20, 1010 Vienna,  26. Jänner - 23. Februar 2013

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